• Insurance jobs

  • body shop work

*Call to schedule an appointment for pricing
  • ceramic coating

*Pricing Ranges  $120 - $300 for Flushes
  • Electrical/wiring problems

*Prices Vary Depending on Car Type & Services Needed

  • Tires (rims)

*Leather is ordered through Katzkin. Call us today to get pricing and start designing your new interior
*Full Detail: Full Vacuum Interior, Full Outside Wash, Tire Shine, Complete Grime and Dirt Removal, Pet Hair Removal, Windows Cleaned, Wipe Down The Dashboard, Fine Cleaning Detailing (Starts at $150(SUV/TRUCK $200) Min. of 3 hours spent detailing)
  • Brakes

*LVL 2 Detailing: Blow out any inside debris, rinse down of the outside ($20)
  • Suspension

*LVL 1 Detailing: Outside Wash ($15)
  • Tune ups

  • Cooling systems

Prices May Vary Depending on Labor Time and Vehicle being detailed
*LVL 3 Detailing: Vacuum Interior , Clean Inside Of Windows, and Tire Shine ($30)(SUV/TRUCK $45)
  • In house towing!!!!


*Deductible Assistance Program
  • Alignments

  • Flushes

  • leather interior

*For certain stain removals, buffing marks off, and removing animal hair can consist of upcharges.
*LVL 4 Detailing: Vacuum Interior, Outside Wash, Windows Cleaned , Wipe Down The Dashboard & Door Panels ($50, Max. amount of time spent 45-60 mins)(SUV/TRUCK $75)

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  • fiber glass repair

  • Oil changes

  • detailing

  • ac services